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Ooohhhh so pissed


Why does HBO insist on taking consensual, even rather tender and kind, sex scenes from the Game of Thrones books coughdaenarysanddrogocough and turning them into creepy, sketchy rape scenes??? 
Like… is sex not interesting? Are two or more consenting individuals having sex too boring? I don’t understand whhhyyyyy

I don’t know how you read the scene in the book, but I’m having a hard time imagining a 30 year old warlord and a 12 year old girl having tender and kind sex the first time, especially given the way the Dothraki men tend to treat sex.

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April 19 Bird of the Day: Yellow-rumped Warbler

AKA “butter butt” for the patch of yellow that can easily be seen on the bird’s rump. Yellow-rumped Warblers are one of the most common warbler species in North America and spend the winter farther north than any other warbler. In areas where they don’t spend the winter, they are often the first to show up in spring and last to leave in the fall.

Yellow-rumped Warblers were formerly considered two species—“Myrtle Warbler” and “Audubon’s Warbler.” My pictures are all of Myrtles. Audubons look similar but have a yellow throat and are rare east of the Rocky Mountain states.

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Anonymous asked: Where are you from?

Ah. Yeah. I’m not sure why someone wants to know where I’m from without letting me know who they are. It makes me a little uncomfortable.

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April 15 Bird of the Day: Baird’s Sandpiper

Baird’s Sandpiper is a shorebird that mostly migrates up the Great Plains in the spring and is seen here much more often in the fall. However, this spring there have been several reports of Baird’s nearby. I was able to see four of them at a flooded field near my house.

Baird’s has longer wings than most small sandpipers. The reason for this is that they migrate over 9,000 miles each spring and fall from northern Canada to southern South America—one of the longest migrations of any bird.

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