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Anonymous asked: Where are you from?

Ah. Yeah. I’m not sure why someone wants to know where I’m from without letting me know who they are. It makes me a little uncomfortable.

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April 15 Bird of the Day: Baird’s Sandpiper

Baird’s Sandpiper is a shorebird that mostly migrates up the Great Plains in the spring and is seen here much more often in the fall. However, this spring there have been several reports of Baird’s nearby. I was able to see four of them at a flooded field near my house.

Baird’s has longer wings than most small sandpipers. The reason for this is that they migrate over 9,000 miles each spring and fall from northern Canada to southern South America—one of the longest migrations of any bird.

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Anonymous asked: Maybe I won't be when you answer!

I don’t even remember the question. But maybe I didn’t want to answer it publicly. Maybe I don’t want to post any of these publicly.

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April 13 Bird of the Day: Winter Wren

Winter Wren is the smallest wren and one of the smallest birds overall in North America. By length, it is actually smaller than some hummingbirds. Last winter, I was able to find a few in the area; but this year I hadn’t seen any until this weekend. Winter Wrens can be told apart from other wrens in their range by their overall plain color pattern and stubby body and tail.

Winter Wrens are usually found hopping around and in piles of wood and fallen logs. They will hop out into the open but not for more than a few seconds. The Winter Wren’s song is extremely loud and strong for its size—for its size, its song is ten times stronger than a rooster’s crow.

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Anonymous asked: Then u would have answered XD

I might have. I probably would have ignored it. But that wasn’t the point lol. The point was you shouldn’t have been anonymous!